Tiger Show
The Tiger Show By Nemer Habib
The Tiger Show By Nemer Habib

Pianist- Keytar player- Keyboardist: NEMER HABIB

Nemer performed on stage with many Lebanese and International artists as he arranged many songs for them since the beginning of his music career, we can mention some of them: Majida El Roumi,  Luca Verrone, Jihad Akl, Hicham El Hajj, Wadih El Safi, ZakiNassif, Bassima, Najwa Karam, Ziad Bourji and many others…

He participated in many concerts, weddings & parties in: Tunisia, Switzerland, UAE, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, KSA, Syria, USA, Oman and Qatar.


The tiger show: Nothing beats the explosive Tiger Show for opening a lifetime union. An occidental (house, trance, disco, rock…) and/or Arabic music will escort the audience to the swirling action of a spectacular entertainment. It is a one of a kind worldwide show performed by NemerHabib which will fire up the ambiance with exceptional melodies, special effects and dance choreographies executed by professionals in a modern setting with unusual outfits

Showreel For The Tiger Show:






A new original Video Clip “ORIENTIS” has been created to show you the real identity of the Tiger Show.




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